With the coming of this new academic year, I discovered I was going to be teaching year 3 and 4.  These children are between the ages of 7 and 9.  They are older than I am used to.  They are different in so many ways, and so similar in many others.  And I am learning the true meaning of teaching skills being transferable.

I think, that when you teach the same year group for many years, you get stuck in the mind-set of “I can only teach Year X”.  And that is so untrue.  SO, SO, SO many of the skills I used with the Littles, I now use just as effectively on the Slightly Biggers.

Anyway…  Yesterday some Year 4 girls committed my most hated child-sin.  Talking when I’m talking.  And after multiple warnings, a playtime was missed.  And during this playtime, they had to write me a letter of apology.  And who knew an 8 year old girl could be so unintentionally funny?  And become I intend “letters of apology” to be my go-to consequence, because they make me laugh, why not record them here also?  For the enjoyment of the wider Internet?  Once these letters were finished, a little line of girls appeared at the staffroom door.  It was hard to maintain my “cross face” once I finished reading these.

FYI:  Identities are concealed.  Most spelling is corrected.  But all grammar and intonation is left exactly as written.  Additional comments from me are in bold.

Letter 1.

Dear Miss Nicholson,

I am so sorry for not listening to you in class.  I will promise not to do it next time because I don’t want to go upstairs next time (missed playtimes are spent in the upstairs classroom).  I knew what I did but I feel so sorry for what I’ve done.  I didn’t mean to do it Miss Nicholson.  I double, triple promise not to do it next time in class.  So sorry once again.  Kind regards, X

Letter 2.

Dear Ms Nicoleson,

I won’t talk in a lesson again.  I am sorry for what I did.  I will try my best while working and whenever you talk.  I won’t.  I will listen and write my best.  I know talking over you is not good.  I still feel very sorry for talking.  If you tell me to write, I will and if you tell me to stop talking I will.

Acrostic Poem for you

Sorry for talking,

Oh so sorry I am,

Really I will try my best,

Really.  I will not speak,

You are the best teacher.


Sorry for talking.  Next time I won’t talk.  You are the best teacher and I have done you wrong.

Sorry Poem For You

Every time I talk, I will know when to stop, you look very pretty every time you wear a frock.  I will stop talking and I will give my mouth a lock.  Shouting is not good, neither is talking when you talk.

Letter 3.

Dear Miss Nicolson,

I am extremely sorry.  I promise I shall never do it again and I will not get distracted again.  I know it is very rude and disrespectful to you.  I deserve this punishment and I need a good education.  It will never happen again.  I will never be silly, you are the kindest teacher ever.  I am awfully sorry.

Things I need to remember:  Good listening, concentrating, don’t be silly, focus

I am deeply sorry.

Yours sincerely, X

PS:  I will never be silly again.

Letter 4.

I am so sorry I did not stop talking when you told me to.  I am not going to do it again.  I promise in future I will not do anything wrong.  It is very hard to be quiet when people talk to you.  I did not mean to make you angry with me.  I am deeply sorry.  I feel very sad.  I am very angry with myself.

Kind regards, X