And just like that, the summer is over.

Oh, I’m sure we’ll have gloriously hot, summer-like days in the coming weeks but the slower, drifting pace of summer is over. And what I really mean by slower pace is that I now have to drive myself to school every morning, and come home tired, as the sun starts to set.

I have officially starting my second year at my current school and my… 6th? year in teaching.  I’ve stopped and started, and changed around so much, I do lose track.

Continuing to take on more responsibility in terms of leadership, and interested to see what happens with that over the year ahead.  But still no desire to push into management.

And now it’s September, I have that excited feeling when the school year begins.  That sense of “new academic year” has been such a constant my entire life, that I think it’ll always be tied with that sense of “new beginnings” and “let’s give this another go”.  More so for me than January ever has been.  I am excitedly trying out new systems and switching things around.

September helps me realise that life is constantly in motion, and always comes round again.

It has been lovely to come back to school and see how much “my” children have changed in the 6 weeks since I saw them last.  The Year Ones I sent up to Year Two now look huge, and responsible and confident.  And my new Year Ones, once my Receptions, are so mature and capable compared to the new Receptions who came to join me this week.  I look at my Year Ones and feel quite proud.  I helped mold these thoughtful and funny little beings.

Hello again September.  I quite like you.