1. A mid-afternoon bath. And if your bathroom is configured in the right way, you can put your laptop or ipad on the closed toilet and watch Netflix at the same time!
  2. Opening your bedroom window an hour before bed, and closing the door. Then when it’s actually time for bed it smells all fresh-airy and cool. As opposed to stuffy and unloved.
  3. “Free” coffee from Waitrose after you’ve made a purchase.
  4. Throwing yourself onto a freshly-changed bed.
  5. Catching up with someone on the road, who minutes ago did a shitty and unnecessary over-take.
  6. Pulling out onto a new road without having to stop.
  7. The sound of rain on the windows.
  8. Turning all the lights off to watch a film.
  9. Having a really good stretch.
  10. Holding non-crying babies.
  11. When your brain tries to fool you that it’s time for work, and then you realise that it’s only 4am, and it’s Saturday.
  12. Driving over a hill in the road and getting the roller-coaster tummy.
  13. Late night drives when you’ve got the roads to yourself.
  14. Taking your shoes off after a long day.
  15. When a favourite song comes on the car radio.
  16. A fresh cup of coffee.
  17. Getting round the Queen Eleanor roundabout in a complete run of green lights.
  18. Finding a new TV series to binge-watch.
  19. Going back to bed to read a book.
  20.  Staying in PJs all day.