I am mostly packed for my week away now.

I sweet-talked dear Big Sis into driving me to the train station during her lunch break tomorrow, and that is where the holiday officially starts!  I’ve booked into the same airport hotel I used last time I flew (for Adele/Ed’s Santorini wedding 4(!!!) years ago) which worked absolutely brilliantly, as the front door of the hotel is literally a 2 minute walk across the bus park/taxi rank to the front door of the departures area.  I am also booked in for the night the day I return, as we don’t land until about 8:30pm, and after baggage claim/customs/etc, it’ll be at least 9pm, and I didn’t then want an hours trip back to Northampton after I’ve just got off a 6 hour flight.

I actually fly out bright and early on Wednesday morning.  Check-in at 4am to take off at 7.  Sociable hours. 😉  But that does mean arriving at the hotel (hopefully!) in time for a late lunch!

Anyway, hopefully it’ll be a pleasant week in Cape Verde!

I went to get some Euros today (technically, the Cape Verde dollar is their actual currency, but hotels and the airport etc, all accept Euros.  It seemed a more sensible option to get Euros than to end up with a very obscure currency that I would be unlikely to use again.  Euros are much more transferable).

I’d been lazy and put off getting them, because Euros are easy-peasy to get hold of.  I knew the big Tesco near me had a currency exchange desk.  I checked the opening time and everything.  Then got there, only to find the place was closed “today only” for some sort of re-fit.  *sigh*  In the end, I had to drive right over to the other side of town, to go to the Thomson/First Choice shop on Sixfields.  What a strange shop that is.  It’s HUGE, with miles of empty space, with only the sides spotted with the occasional desk.  They’ve been there for years, so clearly they are making enough money to be able to rent this cavern, but it was very oversized and odd.


On a different topic…  I am making the most of the summer holiday so far, and watching a lot of Netflix!  I thought it might be interesting to do a little write-up of the shows I have been watching most recently, and enjoying.

1:  Hannibal

I am having to watch this via “alternative means”… 😉  I watched season 1 and 2 via LoveFilm, but am now watching season 3 weekly, as soon as it is uploaded.  Season 3 hasn’t been anywhere near as good as 1 or 2, which might go some way into explaining why it has now been cancelled, and there won’t (for now at least) be a season 4.

The show itself has always been quite “arty”, and the first half of season 3 got silly in that there was lots of talk, but no action.  Characters no one was really interested in got lots of screen time, and the excitement and fast pace of the first 2 seasons got lost in clever camera angles and pointless chat.  However, the 2nd half of the season has picked up a bit with Hannibal’s capture and the introduction of the Tooth Fairy character.  Plus, I love Richard Armitage who plays Francis Dolarhyde AKA the tooth fairy.  It was him who I saw in ‘The Crucible’ last summer, who spent 3 hours within touching distance, in various states of (un)dress.  He is one of those insanely attractive, watchable actors.

Plus, the famous Hannibal Lecter himself is played by Mads Mikkleson, the Danish actor who played the horrendously creepy baddie in ‘Casino Royale’ so memorably.  I LOVE him as Hannibal, and you know an actor is doing something so, so brilliant, when you find yourself cheering him on when he’s doing utterly despicable things.

2:  Bates Motel

I binged season 1 and 2 of this within a week.  LOVE IT.  The acting is brilliant, and it’s just creepy enough to keep you hooked all the way through.  I’ve watched season 1 and 2 via Netflix, and season 3 is all ready for me to watch via my “alternate means” very shortly. 😉

The story is set as a prequel to the ‘Psycho’ story.  I am sort of aware of the Psycho storyline, but I don’t really know any of it beyond the stabby-stabby shower scene.  And that doesn’t matter.  ‘Bates Motel’ works just perfectly as a stand-alone story, but I imagine knowing the Psycho story only enhances the experience.

3:  Spooks

This is a BBC drama from the late 00s.  I missed it the first time around, but I know lots of people raved about it at the time, and I’m seeing why.  Each episode is a mini stand-alone drama, but like all good long-running shows, there is something of an over-arching story thread.  I’m only just starting season 3 of this, and there are 10 in all, so it’s nice to know that there is plenty more to look forward to.

4:  Elementary

This is Sherlock Holmes, in New York, with JOAN Watson.  I initially though female Watson might be weird, but it works.  But mostly I watch it because Jonny Lee-Miller, who plays Sherlock is HOTTTT, and takes his shirt off quite often.

5:  Suits

I’ve only just started with this, in that I’m only 3 episodes in.  But I’m enjoying is so far.  I doubt its going to be one of those series I will binge my way through, but it’s good to watch episodes off here and there.  I shall stick with it.

And as a bonus, Humans on channel 4.  It was it’s final episode last night, but it’s all on catch-up, and I’m sure it’ll be out on DVD quite soon.  If you haven’t watched it, you should.  It was fantastic.  The best drama series I’ve seen on telly for quite a while.

Plus Fargo is returning for season 2 soon!  YAY!