I did a small bit of “winning on the internet” yesterday.

On Facebook, a TA from my old school made the following post:

What’s all this fuss with Nigel Farage and UKIP all about? If I was a UKIP voter I’d be proud that my party showed integrity and backed their leader and didn’t stab him in the back and that they refused to accept his resignation. If I wasn’t a UKIP voter it shouldn’t matter to me anyway as he would have nothing to do with my party. Am I missing something here?!

Well, I dislike Farage at the best of times, and had recently been reading about his resignation U-turn online.  So I replied:

Just yet another example of why no one should take old Nige seriously. He calls the gap between Friday and Monday “resigning”… Everyone else calls it the “weekend”… Poor old Suzanne Evans must have had a hell of a time keeping the party together for a WHOLE weekend!
Frankly, if Farage is the best UKIP has to offer… I’m concerned!

Her slightly holier-than-thou reply…

Only he and the other main people in the party will know what really is the truth. I can say its a publicity stunt or I could say he has overwhelming support from his colleagues, either way I’d be making assumptions based on opinions and hearsay only. Not for me to be the judge.

I hate the phrase “not for me to judge”.  It has many meanings to me, but in this online context… to me at least… it screams “I’m not at all judgy.  I’m soooooo open-minded!  I’m sooooooo liberal!  You’re a bitch.”

WELL.  That brought out my A-game, and the following:

True, no one will perhaps ever know what went on behind the scenes. But the general public can only comment on what we see, or what they choose to present to us. And I think what a lot of people see, myself included, is just another small example of why UKIP are not a party I’d ever trust to run my country. I believe it is the responsibility of every voter to be the judge of the man, his party, and their downright scary politics. We can, and should, hold our so-called leaders to account.

And then, to her massive credit, and a shoot-up in my esteem, she gave it with a “so, so true.”

I won the Internet Point there. 🙂