The children in my class are just getting to that age where they are beginning to understand jokes.  If you ask them to tell a joke, they sort of get that it’s meant to be funny, but they don’t quite nail it.

Yesterday, for my own amusement, I asked my class to tell me their best joke.  This is what they told me:

Q:  How does a chicken lay an egg?  A:  It eats the hen food.

Q:  Why did the whale cross the road?  A:  To get to the land.

Q:  Why is a snake naked?  A:  Snaked.

Q:  How can a pig sit on a nest?  A:  Because it’s naked.

Q:  How did the crocodile walk on the bridge?  A:  To get to the water.

Q:  Why was a cat riding a bike?  A:  Because it likes riding bikes.

My favourite was a knock-knock joke.

Child:  Knock, knock!

Me:  Who’s there?

Child:  Simon.

Me:  Simon who?

Child:  Simon Cowell.