Today was the day, after 7 months, my class of Year One children finally worked out what my first name is…

I started off the day by introducing them to our new topic this term, ‘Seasides’.  I thought it might be cute to show them some photos of myself as a little tot on the beach.  So, starting with baby me, we looked through the photos, looking for “clues” as to what they thought the topic would be.  They had no idea the child was me, in fact, they didn’t even seem to realise it was the same person in each photo.


We got to this photo, and one little darling said, “that boy is wearing a dress!”  Little sod.  I agree I wasn’t over-burdened with hair though…


Once they’d realised who the small blonde child was, this photo was of particular interest.

“That’s my daddy and my sister.”

“What’s your sister’s name?”  Hazel.

“What’s your daddy’s name?”  Martin.

Then I knew what was coming…  “So, Miss Nicholson?  What was your name then, when you were little?”

“Well…”  I say, “You don’t know what it is…  But you watch me type it into the computer every day when I put the register on, and you haven’t worked it out…”
“I KNOW IT!”  Shouts a child, “It’s GREEN!”  (green is the log-on name for the computer, not the register program).

I say, “Green?  You think my name is Green Nicholson?”

Thoughtful pause.

“I know what it is though.” Says another child, “It’s Sally.”

“Oh is it?” I reply, “How did you know that?”

“My Mum told me.”

His mum is a teaching assistant in another year group.

“SALLY?!”  They all go, “SALLY?!?”  Like I’d just told them my name was Vomit-worm.

So…  I guess I’m Sally.  Otherwise known as Green.  The boy in a dress.