• I went to the theatre on Friday night to see ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’.  I was sat on the aisle and there was an empty seat between me and an old woman.  Eventually, a man turned up, looked thoughtfully at the two of us, and went “I’m afraid that seat’s mine.”  I patted the empty seat and said “That’s fine, come and be the rose between two thorns!”  He laughed.  We then had a discussion about how his son was in the show, and he’s taken turns with his wife to come and see it.
  • As for the show, it was great.  It was the same chap playing Jesus as it was on a video of the show I had in the early 00s.  And whilst he still had a fantastic voice, I couldn’t help but think he was looking a little old for the part.  Especially as Wikipedia tells me he is 50!  Wasn’t Jesus early 30s by the end?
  • Oh, and producers of this version?  DON’T DON’T DON’T do a cheesy resurrection bit!  Blergh.  The original goes “crucifixion, death, curtain call”.  Not “crucifixion, death, benevolently smiling Jesus, curtain call”.  Anyway.
  • One week until the Easter holidays!  But before then I have to fit in a 3-hour parents evening, a school trip to the zoo and all of my assessments on the most mind-numbingly annoying computer program.
  • On the 4th April, part 2 of ‘Outlander’ comes back!  Based on the ‘Outlander’ series of books by Diana Gabaldon (I am currently on book 5).  It’s epic and I love it!  Although I happen to know there was some cringy scenes to come, including (but not limited to) quite a lot of non-consensual man-on-man sexy!times.  Erm.  On the plus side, it will mean getting to look at this hunk of man with his clothes off.