I was told on Wednesday that I needed to do an update. 🙂

  • Without going into too much detail (I suspect it’s not too wise to give a lot of details about a workplace on a public blog…), Christmas can’t come soon enough.  There are 2 weeks of school left, then a good long break.  Breaking up on the 19th, and returning on the 4th or 5th.  That seems longer than some years, but very much not complaining.  This half-term has been hard-going with difficulties with children and parents.  Things are gradually coming right, but it’s been a long time getting there, and has been tough going on my TA and I.  Anyway…
  • The house is decked out for Christmas. 🙂  Growing up, the tree and decorations never went up very early, usually around the time we broke up for the school holiday.  As I am a lover of the festive season and all things twinkly/tinselly, I like to put mine up the first weekend of December, so that maximum decoration enjoyment is obtained!
  • I don’t have a tree.  For the sole reason that I have nowhere really to store it the rest of the year.  Although, as Adele most sensibly pointed out to me today, I could get a real one…  A fact that, I admit, had escaped me until then.  Not this year though now.  Perhaps next.
  • No big events planned for the festive fortnight.  I shall have that first Saturday off to generally do nothing at home and swap xmas presents with Adele, but then I shall be off to spend around a week in the deepest wilds of rural Shropshire with the parentals.  A place where nothing happens, especially in winter, so I shall do as I always do, and take plenty of books…  And perhaps a few bottles of rose, which, I confess, I do enjoy with increasing fervour as I get older.  Particularly when I know there is nothing to do other than sit in front of the telly.
  • Towards the end of my stay there, we shall have the annual family tea.  This is where extended relatives, partners and offspring descend from the hills into my parents, thankfully large, house, to have tea and generally make too much noise.  In the past, we have done it before Christmas, but this year, for various reasons, it falls after.  Which means I can have that first Saturday of the holiday home alone, generally decompressing from a difficult half-term, before shooting off to Shropshire in full “festive Yay” mode.
  • Had the work Christmas party on Friday, and because I work some distance from home, and the party was, not unreasonably, near work.  I arranged to hang out at a work colleague’s house for a few hours pre-party.  Thus, I ended up babysitting her 2.5 year old while she got ready very slowly, and on driving duty.  Also, with a very convoluted, strange story I won’t go into, I ended up driving another colleague home afterwards, right to the other side of town from me…  Fortunately, by the time I came to be returning home from the other side of town, it was pushing 1am, and clear as a bell from traffic.  Doing that drive home, oddly, I was wide awake, and enjoying the novelty of deserted roads and darkness.  Perhaps because I’m normally taking extra care on extremely busy roads, so to be the only car as far as I could see, it was rather nice.
  • As for the party itself, some years ago, I made a decision that I don’t drink alcohol at work social events.  If others want to get smashed (and some do/did!), it’s not my place to judge, and I don’t.  But I prefer having all my faculties together (especially if my boss is around!), being able to drive, and thus able to escape when I want, not being the subject of staffroom gossip for the next week, and not having an awful hangover the next day.
  • As is always the case with mass party catering, the starter upset my stomach, the main course was only just warm and the dessert was nothing special.
  • Speaking of stomachs, that’s not the first time in recent weeks that something has upset it.  I’m normally pretty hardy around food, so have been wondering if I’ve got a small bug.  So I bought a load of Actimel today with the hope of doing a bit of re-balancing.
  • I had Adele round today.  We walked to the pub/restaurant near me for lunch and wine, then home for coffee and biscuits.  I think we both needed it!