A long over-due update!

I haven’t updated since before half-term!

As for half-term itself, it was nice but busy.  For the 2 weeks leading up to it, I’d been really quite poorly with a constant stream of different things, which came one after the other in a steady stream.  By the time half term came, I was just coming to the end of it, but was still left with a cough that came to visit regularly each evening/night time.

I always sigh whenever I get a cough, because I know it’s going to be 3 weeks before it’s better, and sure enough, this one held true to form.  Luckily I only get one or two a year.

For half-term, I spent the first couple of days in the Cotswolds for Dad’s 60th birthday surprise.  We did a good job at keeping the secret and all the wrangling of the old folk came to fruition, and everyone behaved themselves.  I enjoyed it, even with the plague.

I then had a single night back at home, before facing a 3-hour drive to Norwich to spend 3 nights with Laura.  It’s actually quite an easy drive there, but it was fairly busy in places, as well as slow with road-works along much of it.  While there we went to see a touring production of ‘Joseph!’, which was great fun!  I think it’s my 5th time seeing that musical.  The next night we went to see a National Theatre screening of ‘Frankenstein’, which was also good.  Then there was a 3-hour drive home again!

I calculated that I did 11 hours of driving over the half-term, which is a lot!

I saw #2 of 30 of my films for 30:30, as a LoveFilm DVD, “One Day”.  It was alright.  I read the book about 4 years ago, and, like the film, it was only okay.

Then there are a few experiences for 30:30 also.

#1 – Visited the Cotswolds for a long weekend.

#2 – Visited Great Yarmouth.  As an aside, what a dump!  I understand no seaside resort looks its best at the very, very end of the summer season, but Great Yarmouth was probably the worse, most deprived seaside town I’ve seen in a long time.  On the plus side, it also had one of the best local museums I’ve visited in recent years.  Big props to the Time & Tide Museum!

#3 – Visited the “Blood Swept Lands And Seas Of Red” art installation at the Tower Of London.  An estimated 4 million people have been to view it.