Cook 30 recipes – 1/30

I have always liked fish pie.  And when I received some vouchers to try some fish for free, a fish pie was the first thing that came to mind.  And with a bit of googling, a Mary Berry pie seemed the easiest. 🙂  However, it involved something I’ve never done before… poaching.  I’ve never poached anything, apart from a foray into the egg-poaching world a few years ago – and the Mary recipe was rather vague on what poaching was, and how it should be done.

So I dumped a random amount of flour into a pan, and added milk a bit at a time, heating gently, and then added fish.  Stirring until such a point was reached when I thought “… I guess that’s done…?”  I had absolutely no frame of reference for knowing whether that was the case or not, beyond “it doesn’t look like poison”.

Here’s what it looked like out of the saucepan, with nice things like prawns and eggs added.


Then it was potato topping time!  Now, I rarely make mashed potato because I am too lazy to peel the spuds.  This time, I decided life was too short for things like peeling, so just chopped them up a bit, boiled them to death, and mashed them.  Skins and all.  And into the oven it went.


Not too shabby!  But the proof is in the eating.  And that was good!  Perhaps a touch too watery, but otherwise good!  And my attempt at poaching was accidentally perfect.  Who knew that turning 30 would turn me into a master-poacher?

See 30 films – 1/30

I went to see ‘Gone Girl’ at the cinema.  I’d read, and loved, the book earlier this year (or was it last year?), and the film wasn’t too bad.

As is the usual rule of book to film adaptions, they are never quite as good, but ‘Gone Girl’ didn’t fall far short.  Slightly horrified at the start, to discover the film was an 18 certificate (I avoid 18’s as a rule, generally), but it wasn’t too bad on the gore.  I didn’t really remember gore from the book…  I’d give the film a 7/10.