After a lazy weekend last week, this one has decided to be work-filled instead.  I’ve just spent an hour marking and sticking work into children’s books (it’s too early in the year to entrust that job to them!  Never let them do it themselves until Christmas at the very earliest).  I also discovered that next week will be teacher observations…  Which is, by my experience, quite early.  Normally they don’t happen until later in October.  They have also, I think, not entirely followed the rules…  Well, they just about have, but they have skirted rather close to recommended guidance on the issue.  Ho hum.

Tasting ::  It’s back into the world of packed lunches.  We have an hour and a quarter for lunch, which is unusual, but much appreciated!  However, my lunches haven’t got any larger or any more exciting.  I am making a conscious effort to use that extra 20 minutes or so in a useful fashion.  ::  Still obsessed with pizza this week.  Thought I had one saved in the freezer for Friday.  Turns out, I didn’t.  ::  Eating a lot of eggs, hard-boiled or fried at the moment.  Love eggs.

Hearing  ::  Graham Norton back on Radio 2 on Saturday mornings.  Is it a sign you’re getting old when you make a conscious decision to tune in for a particular show?  ::  ‘Confessions’ on Simon Mayo’s drive-time still make me laugh.

Smelling  ::  Not a lot this week.  I was walking around Tesco last Sunday morning, when it suddenly dawned on me that I was getting a cold.  I grabbed throat sweets, Echinacea tablets and some of those soluble high-dosage vitamin C tablets.  And I think it worked!  I dosed up religiously all week, and the cold, that showed all the early signs of being a dozy, never really amounted to too much.

Seeing  ::  Autumn is on the way.  When I leave my house at 7:15am, it’s distinctly autumnal, and yet, like is very normal in September, it’s warm and sunny come home time.  So I arrive at school in a coat and I leave school with my coat, and often another layer, over my arm.  ::  I’ve had ‘Friends’ on DVD playing this past week.  I am slowly working my way through the seasons, and am now on 5.  It is somewhat dated now, particularly the early seasons, but it hasn’t stopped being funny.  ::  Yesterday I saw an advert that ‘Gogglebox’ is starting again next Friday!  My favourite programme by a mile. 🙂

Feeling  ::  Excited about my birthday weekend!  I turn 30, so have 2 days of fun planned with my nearest and dearest girl-mates.  I shall be seeing big sis for the Saturday, which is the day after her birthday (we’re 3 days apart), so it’ll be a little joint celebration. 🙂  ::  A touch annoyed about the observation situation, but fingers crossed it shall be this week (it could fall into next week, long story), so that I can enjoy Birthday Fun without guilt.  ::  Pleased to have a new mouse for my desktop computer.  For a good 6 months, the one the computer came with had been dying.  Refusing to select or high-light things and just being a massive pain.  So I went to Staples and bought a new one.  I hadn’t been entirely sure the problem lay with the mouse, but a new one has revealed that, yes.  The old one was a dud.

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