This has been the week of “Back To School”.  Initial impressions of my new school are good and I have got positive impressions of my immediate team.  In terms of comparison with my previous school, I think there will be a lot less planning (I share the maths planning, that’s it), but perhaps more tracking and general paperwork?

Tasting :: I’ve been all about the pasta this week.  I go through phases with my enjoyment of pasta, all for it one month, then I don’t touch it for months.  Soup season is back!  Autumn and winter is soup season, and it’s lovely to have in the evenings.  With back to school time, my “school breakfast” of Activia peach yoghurts is back.  Mediocre coffee in the form of Nescafe original.  Not even Gold blend. 😉

Hearing ::  It’s currently throwing down rain outside, so being inside is nice.  General child noise. 🙂  It’s nice to be back around the hub-bub of little voices again, and although it’s early days, I think I’m going to like this new class.  A few characters to keep me on my toes, but just enough genuinely “nice ones”.

Smelling ::  With the on-coming Autumn, my candles come out again, and smell so good!  My new classroom has a unique smell as well, kind of flowery.

Seeing :: I’ve just started watching ‘Orange Is The New Black’, which is great already, and I’m only 2 episodes in.  I’m also really enjoying ‘Outlander’ on Starz, which I’m watching through means not entirely legit. 😉  New episode tomorrow!

Feeling ::  A lot of feelings this week.  There have been nerves.  Every single year, that first morning before the children arrive, I’m nervous.  That feeling instantly goes the minute they start coming through the door.  There have also been nerves and tension around a new job and getting to know the new characters.  Fortunately, there hasn’t been anyone who set my “WARNINGWARNING!SOCIOPATH!” bell ringing within an hour of arriving, as happened last time. 😉  I have also been reminded of how tiring it is to maintain 9 hours of “game face” in a new work place, before Natural Me gradually slides out.

And there has been a lot of sadness this week…  On Thursday night, I received a text from my previous teaching assistant with some gut-wrenchingly sad news regarding a child I taught up to July, and her family.  For me, NOT being able to do anything more for this child is the hardest part.  She will soon suffer a major bereavement.  Something I helped her build up to through this whole year, with a lot of talk and a lot of hugs and love.  And to not be there for her at the crucial moment feels horrible.  I can only hope that others will step up to the plate, even though some who should have done previously couldn’t have been less interested/bothered.  Something that made me cross then, and makes me bloody furious now.