This is the beginning of what will hopefully become a feature for Wotsitweb.  A little reflection on the week that has just passed, using the senses as a framework.

Tasting :: super-soft chocolate chip cookies, ham & cheese toasties, mochas, a lot of bread, some amazing but expensive tuna sandwiches at the Imperial War Museum.

Hearing :: a lot of traffic noise.  I’ve been at home most of this week so grow accustomed to the roar of the A45 passing outside my windows.  A lot of Disney tunes in the new dessert-only café that Lisa and I ate in on Wednesday.  Dramatic intakes of breath from the audience of ‘The Crucible’ at some of the more gut-wrenching moments.  The littlest members of our family now speaking in full sentences, so cute.

Smelling :: fresh bread baking, I’ve been really into those par-baked baguettes this summer, so have been cooking those up a lot.  Cookies from Tesco.  Car oil, my car went in for its first MOT on Thursday and garages have a very distinct smell.  Pancakes.

Seeing ::  an utterly amazing performance at the Old Vic on Saturday, it blew my mind and I do promise to stop going on about it soon… but not yet.  Lisa from UMPS, nice to catch up.  The first brown leaves on the tree opposite my living room window.  That new ITV show ‘Judge Rinder’, I’m hooked!

Feeling ::  always a bit annoyed that the summer holidays end in a couple of days, but I always get back into it very quickly, and I know I’m lucky to have a job that gives me 13 weeks of paid holiday a year. 😉

And I’d like to end each week with an image that I’ve enjoyed over the past week. 🙂  This one in particular is a phrase I’ve had in my mind all summer, and have been trying to remember and use as often as possible.

I urge you to think...