Cross stitch 1

I have a new obsession…  The ‘Outlander’ series by Diana Gabaldon.

And, as with every single obsessive thought I’ve ever had…  It only needed the tiniest of pushes to sink its teeth into me…

About 3 weeks ago, I was wasting yet more of my summer holiday on Pinterest.  And as I scrolled, my eye was caught by a handsome, curly-haired (anyone who knows me well, knows my soft-spot for the curly-haired male) young man, in some sort of period setting, with his shirt off.

“Ooooh…  Hello there.  Who are you?”

I clicked through the link to the original source (isn’t Pinterest awesome for that?!) and it took me to the Starz network website, where I read that a new series had begun, based on the book ‘Outlander’ (‘Cross Stitch’ here in the UK), set in Scotland.

I already knew a little bit about Starz, having seen ‘Spartacus’, and the pilot episode was free to watch…  Well, that image on Pinterest of the hot young Scot convinced me enough that this was worth an hour of my time…  So, I watched the episode and the next day bought the book.


It’s a looooooong book, well over 600 of dense type, but it’s all just so good!

There are reviews galore if you want a plot break-down.  Personally, I don’t care for those.  I’m more interested in how a book made the reader feel.  What were the scenes that you read more than once?  What bits made you wince?  Or sigh?

For me, possibly the best feature of the book was that it moved.  Some books (god knows, I’ve read a few) of this length really plod along, wasting good story pages with endless descriptions of trees and hills…  I’m looking at you, Jean Auel.

‘Cross Stitch’, on the other hand, rocketed along, there wasn’t a dull moment.

Bits That’ll Stick With Me

  • Any scene with Black Jack Randall…  Yeah, the bad guy.  But I enjoy a good psychotic meany-pants in a story.  And the link to Frank is a fantastic detail.
  • Jamie’s broken hand…  That made me do the book equivalent of watching through my fingers…  Which is basically waving the book around and going “aggggggggh!”
  • Gellis Duncan and the vaccination scar!  Loved that reveal, plus the more detailed explanation through her coded message later on.
  • Jamie’s back story.  His relationships with his father, Jenny, and Ian.  Oh, and Black Jack.
  • The section in the abbey where Claire impersonates Black Jack to bring Jamie round…  It was cleverly done, well-written, and memorable…  But I struggled to see the how/why that made Claire think to do it…
  • Words like these…  Guh.   OutlanderQuote1


I think that’ll do for now…  But, proof of how good the book was, it got 10/10 in my personal book-scoring system.  An honour given to only 3 other books over the past 3 years.  And yet more proof of how much I loved it?  I closed it, and reached right for book 2 in the series.  🙂  And already I’ve gasped over Gellis and pondered over the absence of Jamie…  Where are you?  “Come lay your head here, man.”

Oh, and the new TV series?  It’s pretty awesome. 😀